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British-Uzbek Joint Venture “FERTEX” LLC is a modern dynamic company that specializes in production of dyed cotton yarn products for knitting, woven, home textile, socks, terry, waffle towels, technical fabrics productions, using the best grades of grey cotton yarns, grown in Uzbekistan as raw materials. Products meet international quality standards, and are made from 100% cotton.Central office and production department of JV “FERTEX” LLC located in Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana Region, 150900 Quvasay city, Pakana MFY, Shukhrat Str. Home 1, which manages the activities of all factories, production and sales planning, sales market analysis, and other organizational matters. The company was founded in September 2018 by the Great Britain "Zetta Capital Group" and Uzbekistan “TSEMENT TEXNO SERVIS”, which invested in development of textile production in Republic of Uzbekistan.The successful development of company is determined by effective marketing policy, the desire for long-term cooperation, the search for new directions of development and most importantly - high quality products. For the time of its existence the company has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality textile products. For each of our achievements and new results, there are the best specialists who are striving for new horizons of development. The entire network is managed by a highly experienced & efficient team of professionals.JV “FERTEX” LLC is a textile company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality yarns with World Best European technology. We are specialized in the manufacture of coloured, dyed yarns, form a wide of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers.

Monthly 300 tons of production capacity, the annual 3 600 tons of production with Cotton, Polyester, Viscose, Blended on their services continued JV “FERTEX” LLC investments in export and domestic market sales. Abroad, the one exported to many countries by Uzbekistan Economy in the development of support and textiles the company has become one of the sought after industry. Korea, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Germany and operate an export to countries like Italy.

The management of JV “FERTEX” LLC is highly professional having vast experience in their relevant fields of work. Our customers are based in Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Uzbekistan.

Mission: Achieving organization growth along with our customers, staffs, suppliers and all    other business associates by truly confirming to unlimited mutual benefits and making it    beneficial for everyone.

VISION: Developing world vary the types of yarn dyeing becoming more innovative and    dynamic way to get together with our work.

We sincerely hope that we cooperate with you and be mutually beneficient!

Our Philosophy is Quality

   We are counted among the most preferable choices of a large number of clients due to

                                   the following distinguishing factors:


         1.Rich domain expertise                              6.Timeley delivery of consignments

          2.Quickest possible deliveries                  7.Quality products at reasonable prices

          3.Excellent quality poducts                          8.Dynamic business strategy

          4.Total quality control management           9.Pool of skilled and talented professionals

      5.Practicing ethical business practices         10.Excellent quality management system                                                    

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Our address:
The Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana Region, 150900 Quvasay city, Pakana MFY, Shukhrat Str. Home 1